Dwarf Fortress Jabber Services Information Page


I am not Toady, I am not affiliated with bay12games in any way. I'm only hosting this for fans of Dwarf Fortress to communicate about the greatest ASCII game out there.


Registrations Closed, server is down indefinitely (Until I get around to putting it back online)

After you have registered a new account, you can use your jabber client of choice to login to the Jabber server. The methods by which you configure your client vary depending on which one you are using, however the important stuff is listed below:

Jabber ID: username@dwarffortress.org

Server: dwarffortress.org

If you have trouble logging in, you can email me with questions, however I cannot promise a quick response time: yamamushi@nospam-gmail.com (remove the nospam- part).


There is currently one chatroom configured on the server, however if you would like your own, feel free to contact yamamushi once you are logged in to the Jabber service.

Room: General

Server: talk.dwarffortress.org

-- >THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, most clients default to conference.dwarfortress.org which is wrong and will not work!


I am running this service out of pocket, so if you feel like donating I would really appreciate it! It's not required though, and I fully understand if you would rather give your money to Toady :D

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